• Access the community benefit spending information from tax-exempt hospitals throughout the United States
  • View critical information about how U.S. tax-exempt hospitals commit community benefit expenditures to fulfill the hospital mission, and to meet tax-exempt regulatory requirements
  • Understand the linkages between community benefit expenditures and community health needs
  • Inform conversations and partnerships between tax-exempt hospitals and other stakeholders
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Head to the Center to Advance Community Health & Equity (CACHE) for technical assistance to interpret community benefit data alongside other important sources, and to learn how community stakeholders can work together to meet shared health goals.

Community Benefit Insight only includes information about tax-exempt hospitals. If you are searching for a specific hospital and cannot locate its community benefit information on this web tool, please visit the hospital's website to determine if it is public, for-profit, or tax-exempt. Although many hospitals provide services to benefit their respective communities, only tax-exempt hospitals are required by law to do so.